Jun 30, 2011

This must go

So I've been flying alot the last few weeks, Missouri twice, Seattle, Italy, and France.  One of the things I've learned is that even with of all the technological advances we've made; landing on the moon, artificial hearts, ipods that you could swallow; we still can't figure out how to board an airplane without causing mass havoc, hysteria, adults crying and cat fights between women.  But this all made me remember something from a radio station here in SLC where they do a segment called Things That Must Go, basically everything that they think should be done away with.  So here's mine that I thought of during my flights.

Emoticons :/
People getting upset when they find out I don't like Lady Gaga
Anyone over the age of 12 saying "Woot"
Politicians named Weiner sending weiner pics to young girls
People who take rec league sports too seriously
Philosophical Facebook Statuses
Bad Tattoos.  This includes all tribal tattoos on white guys
Whiney airline passengers
Tourists who try too hard to dress like locals
Creepy housewife cougars
Gold Diggers
Ed Hardy and everything that has to do with Ed Hardy
Summer alarm and pest control sales
People using the word "Premier" for businesses and events.  Ex. "This is the premier party of the year"
Self proclaimed hippies


holtkamp said...

amen to it all! especially to 'woot', ed hardy, TSA and planking!

Dave said...

Yeah, jen's been trying to get me off 'woot' for a long time. It's an addiction i tell you!!!

Jefe said...

I'd like to add "Horrible Reality TV Talent Shows"

Ali said...

Hahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Lady Gaga.