Apr 12, 2011

When I graduate I'm going to.......

Get a dog
Ride my bike(s)
Talk to a girl
Start playing the piano and drums again
Take the ugly bushes out of my yard
Plant some plants
Cook more
Print and hang some pictures
Tie up some loose ends
Fix my car
Clean my room
Organize my garage
Plant a tree
Ride my bike
Watch the stars
Race my bike
Sort out bikes and motorcycles
Get a bigger bed
Get some real furniture for my house
Grill a cow
Save some money
Work on a body with no tan lines
Eat more bacon
Drink less Red Bull
Paint the outside of my house so it doesn’t look like a banana split
Put lights up in my backyard
Go to Seattle
Go to Whistler
Whistle in Whistler
Ride my bike(s)
Take more pictures
Race some races
Learn actual songs on the guitar
Learn the banjo or mandolin?


holtkamp said...

sounds like a plan...what kind of dog?! :) also, i didn't know you played the piano!

Amy said...

You and I have some similar goals after graduation. The banjo and red bull... I'm right there with you. School turns us into monsters.

Ali said...

And are you also going to hunt and kill your own cow before you grill it?

Taylor said...

get married, you hooligan.